Beijing Bona Jade Museum
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The Beijing Bona Jade Museum, located in the Changping District near Badaling Great Wall, is one of the largest jade stores in China. There are thousands of pieces of beautiful jadeware on display and for sale – everything from simple jade bangles to exquisitely carved sculptures

Jade has a particularly high significance in China, supposedly with the power to bestow good health and fortune.

The Beijing Bona Jade Museum is spread over two floors – the first being a more typical museum with incredible examples of jade carvings and sculptures. Of particular interest are the incredible ball-within-a-cage sculptures, requiring great ingenuity and skill to create. Upon reaching the second floor, you’ll find the sales area. Here you can purchase traditional style jade bangles, necklaces, and small ornaments. If your budget’s big enough, one of the incredibly detailed large sculptures could even be yours.

Practical info

Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Transport: take metro line 13 to Longze station (龙泽), then bus 53 to the Jade Museum (北京博纳玉器博物馆).

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