Chinese Acrobatics – Golden Mask Dynasty Show
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Featuring spectacular acrobaticsdancing and music, this one hour show is an incredible display of Chinese skill and creativity. 

The performance revolves around the tragic love story of a queen while she builds her dynasty. However, it is the incredible gymnasticsspecial effects and costumes that you come for – prepare to be amazed.

Practical info

Cost: 150 – 400 RMB.

Booking: advance booking required.

Performance times: 17:30 or 19:30

Location: Beijing Happy Valley OCT Theatre (北京欢乐谷)

Transport: take subway line 7 to Happy Valley (欢乐谷景区) and leave via exit B.

Top tip: the English subtitles are displayed on a screen to the right of the stage, so try and get tickets on the right hand side of the audience.


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