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Despite it’s Chinese-style architecture, this is an active Muslim mosque with over 1000 years of history.

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the courtyard while admiring the subtle islamic features of this fascinating building. In particular, look out for Persian writing, intricate artistic detailing on the walls and tall minaret.

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Prayer Hall

Capable of holding 1000 worshipers, the prayer hall is particularly impressive for its Islamic style gold-inset arches and columns. Arabic inscriptions mix with Chinese carvings and flower paintings.


Standing in the middle of the main courtyard, the minaret started life as a script store, turning into a calling tower to call locals to prayer and read from the Koran. You can admire a large copper cauldron on the ground floor, used to serve meals to worshipers.

Moon Observing Tower 

Used to determine the time of Ramadan, the Moon Observing Tower is two stories tall and hexagonal in structure.

Niujie Street

The street outside the mosque is a popular cultural and snack street, selling delicious Muslim food from street stalls and local restaurants. Particularly recommended are the Lanzhou Pulled Noodles (Lamian), a simple dish originating from the west of China.

Practical info

Tickets: 10 RMB

Opening hours: 8:00 – 16:00

Recommended visit: 1 hour.

Transport: take metro line 7 to Guanganmennei (广安门内), leave via exit C2. Walk East along Guanganmennei Road (广安门内大街) for 5 minutes, then turn right onto Niujie Street (牛街). The mosque is located five minute down on your right.

Top tip: non-Muslims are not allowed in the main prayer hall and should dress respectfully when visiting the mosque.


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