Peking Duck 北京烤鸭
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Probably the most famous Chinese dish, Peking Duck is a must-try in Beijing. There are restaurants located all over the capital, although we have a few suggestions below.

Eating Peking Duck is an experience in itself. The waiters will carefully slice the duck in front of you before presenting it beautifully on a small dish. Each person usually has a small tray containing the various vegetable strips, sauces, sugar and pancakes. You will be given a demonstration on how to fold the Peking Duck pancakes correctly using chopsticks. 

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Choose your Duck

Many restaurants allow you to choose your own duck from their selection, an opportunity to check the quality of the meat and confirm its freshness. 

Watch the Slicing

Almost all good restaurants will slice the duck in front of you, carefully laying out a plate of delicious, thin slices. The speed and accuracy with which they can slice up a whole duck is particularly impressive!

Learn to Fold

The art of folding duck pancakes is surprisingly elusive to many travellers. They will give you a demonstration and recommend the best combination of duck and condiments to add. Our top tip: don’t overfill the pancakes!

Sweet Snacks

You can order some small sweets to eat after your Peking duck – these are usually traditional Beijing snacks and served in curious shapes or patterns. Beware the taste may not be to many foreign guests’ liking!

Duck Soup

Sometimes served for free after your meal, a thin duck soup helps to wash down the main course and fill you up. It is made from the duck juices and leftovers, and retains the delicious duck taste.

Recommended restaurants

Bianyifang Peking Duck Restaurant (便宜坊烤鸭店) – the oldest in Beijing.

Price: approx. 250 RMB/ half duck
Location: 18 Chongwenmen Outer Street, Glory Plaza 4/F, Chongwen District
Transport: take metro line 2 or 5 to Chongwenmen, leave via exit C2 and enter the Glory Plaza Mall through the revolving door. Take the lift to the fourth floor where the restaurant is located.

Dadong Peking Duck Restaurant (北京大董烤鸭店)

Price: approx. 200 RMB/ half duck
Location: 1-2 floor, Nanxincang International Plaza, 22A Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District
Transport: take metro line 2 to Dongsishitiao, leave via exit D. Walk straight on down Dongsishitiao Road for two minutes and take the second left. The restaurant is located on the second floor in the Nanxincang International Plaza on your left.

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