Shanghai Homestay
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A unique homestay program

To fully experience Chinese culture, there’s no better way than to live with a local family and engage with their everyday life. This program is perfect for international students, expats or interns in Shanghai, providing an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture, network with local families, and practice your Chinese language skills. 

We offer two program extension options – language study or internship, see below for details. 

This program is provided exclusively by International Tutor, Shanghai (上海华婧文化传播有限公司).  

Chinese Language Option

Combining your homestay program with intensive Chinese language classes provides the perfect immersive language learning environment. After matching with a host family, we will recommend nearby Chinese language study opportunities – usually at a local university or language school. 

Unlike other programs, we will fully support you through the scholarship application process. For those who are unsuccessful in the scholarship application process (usually due to applying too late in the year), we will work with you to find an affordable Chinese language study option.

Internship Option

Many of our host families will offer their guests the opportunity to intern in their company on a part-time basis, providing a fantastic opportunity to gain international work experience. We can also assist you in finding external internship opportunities at no cost to you. Please note that internships in China are generally unpaid.

Additionally, International Tutor can put homestay guests in contact with local students looking for private English tutors – a great opportunity to earn additional income to fund your travels!

Internship opportunities are generally available in the following fields:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance
  • Trading
  • E-commerce
  • Translation
  • Science and Engineering
  • Education


You would be expected to spend at least eight hours a week teaching English to the child of your host family. This could be playing fun vocabulary games, reading through their textbooks with them, or helping them with their school homework. Throughout your stay, you should also try and speak as much English as possible to their child around the home – thus providing a more immersive English language environment.

You would also have opportunities to share your own culture with them, for example teaching them about various international festivals and customs.


All homestay accommodation includes a private room, usually ensuite or with a private western style bathroom. The family will attempt to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and since they are usually wealthy families in Shanghai the living environment is of a good standard.

Cultural Experiences

A homestay program is the best way to experience Chinese culture firsthand. Your host family will be happy to teach you traditional games or share their favourite Chinese foods with you. If you are studying Chinese, it is also a fantastic opportunity to practice your language skills.

From time to time, International Tutor also organises some international culture festivals and activities for all participants, giving you an opportunity to meet other foreign students in Shanghai and learn about other cultures.

Family Travel

Many host families will offer their guests the opportunity to accompany them on family trips around Shanghai or even to other cities. This is a great way to visit new places and find out more about the local area.


  • Aged 18+
  • Native English speaker
  • Available for at least 3-12 months.


  • Free accommodation
  • Some free meals
  • 2000 RMB/ month pocket money
  • Opportunity to travel with your host family
  • Free internship or Chinese language program

Application Details

Please complete our online application form, after which a Skype interview will be arranged for shortlisted applicants.

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