Wangfujing Snack Street 王府井
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Located in the hutongs to the West of the popular Wangfujing shopping street, this snack street really comes to life in the evenings.

Street food is a major part of Chinese culture and you’ll find all varieties to try here. Although it is now quite touristy, the stalls still sell traditional street food and snacks – and there are also an increasing number of sit down restaurants if you want to rest your feet after a busy day!

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Fried scorpions

Scary snacks like fried scorpions on a stick are all the rage at Wangfujing. Although they are more for the tourists than the locals, daring your friends to eat something creepy-crawly is a must-do!


A speciality of Beijing, these candied fruits on a stick are a delicious sweet snack. As well as the original hawthorn versions, you can also buy those made from sweeter fruits such as strawberries or kiwi fruit.


A traditional Beijing meat pie, xianbing is just what you need to keep your energy up all evening. Consisting simply of mincemeat in a pastry pie, these are a safe bet for fussy eaters used to a more western diet.


Popular in the western and northern parts of China, these kebabs are often made from lamb or beef and are a staple street food. Watch them being cooked on long barbecues in front of you so you know they are fresh!

Stir-fried noodles

Stir-fried food is sold across China, popular for its ease of cooking and low price. For less than 10 RMB you can get yourself a delicious bowl of fried noodles, and only a few coins more will add stir-fried meat or vegetable toppings. A great way to fill yourself up after a busy day exploring!

Practical info

Transport: take metro line 1 to Wangfujing station (王府井) and head North for 3 minutes until you reach the pedestrianised zone. The snack streets are located in the hutongs to your left.

Top tip: in general, the more popular a stall is with the locals, the less likely you are to spend tomorrow stuck in the bathroom…


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