Ancient City Wall 明城墙遗址公园
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Like many Chinese cities, Beijing was once protected by a city wall. While time and development have destroyed most of it, there is a section remaining in a small park by the Beijing Railway Station. It is often completely deserted, a true off-the-beaten-track gem in the centre of Beijing.

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Stroll Through the Park

The park is free to walk through, enabling you to admire the outside of the wall up-close. Occasionally you will spot locals performing morning exercises here or admiring the beautiful flower displays.

Walk on Top

For a small fee, you can climb on top of the restored section of the wall for views over the city and an insight into life working on the wall.


On top of the wall, one of the guard towers has been converted into a small museum about the wall and historical Beijing. This includes some interesting models and maps of the area. 


These small guardhouses on the top of the wall served both as lodgings for the guards and as storehouses. 

Unrestored Section

The western end of the wall is completely unrestored. You cannot walk on it, but from the end of the restored section there are great views across the top, and you can see the detailed brickwork from the park area.

Practical info

Tickets: free (park), 10 RMB (restored section)

Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00

Recommended visit: 1 hour.

Transport: take metro line 2 or 5 to Chongwenmen (崇文门), leaving via exit F.


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