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The most famous teahouse in Beijing, the Laoshe Teahouse (老舍茶馆) not only offers a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony but also a 90 minute show of traditional Chinese performances – including Beijing operasingingcomedymartial arts and shadow puppetry.

You can also visit during the day for just the traditional Chinese tea experience, and you may be able to catch short impromptu musical or puppet performances.

Located in a beautiful traditional style building right in the centre of town, the Laoshe Teahouse packs a lot of Chinese culture into a short space of time – perfect for first-time travellers to Beijing.

Practical info

Cost: expect to pay at least 200 RMB for the tea ceremony and 180-580 RMB for the evening variety performance.

Bookingadvance booking is required.

Performance time: 19:50 – 21:20.

Transport: take metro line 2 to Qianmen (前门), leave via exit C. Continue straight over the crossroads, the teahouse is located 3 minutes down on your left.


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