Sheng’en Temple 圣恩寺
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This quiet temple in the Changping district of Beijing is well worth the long journey from town.

After passing through the usual grand temple entrance, you’ll find yourself on a serene path stretching towards the distant mountains, with small temple buildings, walkways and pagodas on each side. At the end of the path sits a beautiful pond surrounded by sweeping willow trees, behind which is the temple itself. 

Chinese speakers (and those willing to engage via mime) may have the pleasure of getting to know the friendly local monks and learning about their customs – including prayermeditation and respecting nature. They also run frequent martial arts classes which visitors are welcome to join in for a small donation.

Overall, a very special temple not just for its beautiful surroundings and buildings, but also for the incredible opportunity to learn about Buddhist culture.

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Main Hall

The main hall of the temple contains a large golden statue of Buddha, while smaller Arhats stand by the mural-covered walls. 

Circular Lake

Just a short walk into the temple, you’ll come across a beautiful lake, with a statue of Sakyamuni in the middle, surrounded by willow trees. With the temple buildings and mountains as a backdrop, it’s the perfect photo spot and a great place to relax.

Martial Arts Classes

The temple holds frequent martial arts classes for the local community – and any visitors are welcome to join in for a small donation. Talk to the monks while you are there for details, or book a travel consultation with Travel Boost to be put in touch directly via WeChat.

Study Buddhism

For those who can speak Chinese, the local monks are usually incredibly friendly and happy to share Buddhist ideas with visitors. They may show you how to pray, meditate and burn incense – something you will observe at other temples but is not usually explained. 

Practical info

Tickets: 20 RMB.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00.

Recommended visit: 2 hours.

Transport: take the Changping line to Zhuxinzhuang (朱辛庄) then bus Chang21 (昌21) to Xiangchang station (香堂站). Take the first right then immediately left and keep walking to the entrance (approx. 250m).

Top tip: the local buses are a little unreliable so far out of central Beijing (particularly if you can’t speak Chinese to check schedules with the driver) – instead consider taking one of the red tuk-tuks from the metro station – arrange the fee beforehand, it should be around 50 RMB, and get their phone number to call a pick up afterwards.


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